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In the latest Last Words, the Ubyssey staff discusses bike thefts canada goose jackets florida outlet campus, professors living in rez, Philippines aid and teacher evaluations.

In our latest Last Words, The Ubyssey staff discusses the UBC Sports Targeting Process, the UBC Freestore and their club status, and Robert Gateman’s projects.

Yet through increased questioning, flashlights and gathering of my personal information, law enforcement is discouraging canada goose jackets florida outlet from taking advantage of our magnificent campus.

Bus stops are heavily used parts of our city and are as much a part of a community as streets, pathways, parks and plazas. Unfortunately, due to their high use, bus stops are consistently littered and in need of care.

In the last year alone, UBC students wrote around 700 deferred exams. In other words, we all might find ourselves trudging back in the middle of summer to deal with an unfinished exam.

Why are fees being used to pay for a speech by Ezra Levant, who has gone canada goose jackets florida outlet tirades against minorities, and has been sued for libel multiple times in the past?

As a student who had studied at UBC, I am very displeased with the lack of new educational initiatives in response to the three [six?] reported cases of sexual assault against young women on the UBC campus.